Things to Consider when Selecting a Payment System for Your ecommerce Site

Posted by , on Dec, 2014

When you begin setting up your online business, one of the most important choices you will have to make for your customers, as well as your bottom line, is the payment plan that is right for your shopping cart system.

There are a number of options to choose from, including custom volusion API integration from 1Digital Agency. In order to pick the best option for your needs, use the information here.

Important features for a Payment System

Deciding on a payment system is much more than just finding one; you need to look for certain features to ensure you have made the right choice.


While you should not automatically select the payment system that offers the lowest fees, this should be one of the primary things that you consider. You will need to find out if there are any fees to setup the process, any monthly fees, chargeback fees, cancellation fees, transaction fees, etc.

Specifically, you should note if the fees that are charged are flat or if they are based on the total number of transactions. If you have a business that does not complete a large number of transactions, it might be in your best interest to find a service that offers flat rates, rather than lower fees for high transaction volumes.


Is the system easy for customers to use? The last thing you want to integrate is a system that makes it overly complicated to complete a purchase. If it is at all possible, you should test the various sites using the payment systems they offer in order to see how quickly transactions can be completed, both on your computer, as well as your mobile device.


Another consideration is whether you, or your users, will be able to make a payment on the system you have selected. While the majority of payment portals will support customers and businesses all over the world, systems such as PayPal, specify certain supported countries.

Payment Options

Customers will usually make one single payment when they complete their order, which is what the majority of payment systems will be able to handle. However, if you have a business that offers payment plans, recurring fees for products or deferred payments, then you will need to ensure the system you select can handle this.

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Posted by , on Dec, 2014

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