Things that Gutter Guards in Connecticut Protect Against

Posted by , on May, 2015

Obstacles in the gutter can prevent the free flow of water. If the water can’t be diverted from the home’s foundation, it will cause problems with the home’s foundation. While cleaning the gutters occasionally will restore flow, this chore needs to be done more often. With the help of guards though, some of these obstacles will never wind up in the gutter.

One of the things that Gutter Guards in Connecticut protect against is leaves. Leaves are a major issue of clogging. If you have trees in the area, the leaves will have to be continually cleaned up to prevent clogs. By preventing the leaves from getting in there, you will have less cleanup to do overall. Since these leaves can mildew and decay, they can also open up the invitation for other pests to invade your gutter.

Another thing the guards protect against is an animal intrusion. Some animals such as squirrels see the gutters as a highway around your home. Often, these animals leave behind things that are harmful to the health during a clean out. Birds like the space in which to build their nests. These nests will completely block the flow of water and cause it to spill out next to your foundation. While baby birds are cute, the nests also place a lot of stress on the gutters.

The Gutter Guards in Connecticut also protect against the buildup of snow. Snow is often the mortal enemy of gutters. The weight of the snow will cause the gutters to pull away from the house and damage the structural support. While most gutters can deal with melting snow, frozen snow piles are detrimental to most gutter systems. The water can still find its way into the gutter. But the gutter doesn’t have to support all of that extra weight.

These are some of the things that guards help protect against. For information on how the gutter guards work, check out the YouTube Channel. To schedule an appointment or to find out about the different types of guards available, check out Gutter guards can save a lot of hassle in cleaning out our gutters.

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Posted by , on May, 2015

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