The Truth behind an Electronic Descaling System

Posted by , on Jan, 2015

Many homes in the outer city limits are still using well water. Well water leaves you with hard water, which is bad for you clothes, skin, appliances and dishes. Most of the time, it has a rotten egg smell. People in situations like this have two options: Either they can get a salt filter system, or they can get an electronic descaling system. Below will explain why it’s more efficient and cost effective to choose an electronic descaling system.

An Electronic Descaling System Saves Money

Using a salt tank system, you have to hire a company to come out once a week and add bags of salt. Then, they need to service it once a month. This can add up very quickly. Using an electronic descaling system, there isn’t a need for hiring a company. You only pay a one-time fee for the equipment and installation.

An Electronic Descaling System is Energy Efficient

With the rise in electrical cost, the need to find eco-friendly products is almost a necessity. The electronic descaling system works by sending electromagnet pulses through your entire plumbing system, which breaks down the minerals in your water that cause hard water. This uses almost half the amount of electricity as a salt-water tank.

An Electronic Descaling System Saves Space

If you have never seen a salt-water tank system before, it is huge and takes up a huge amount of space in the back of your house. It has a huge water reservoir tank, a large salt reservoir and a regulator box. An electronic descaling system is no bigger than your electric meter, and it attaches to the side of your house. This eliminates the water tank, salt reservoir and the regulator box.

An Electronic Descaling System Saves Appliances

Hard water can very quickly ruin the appliances in your house. When you must replace your dishwasher and washing machine every three to five years, it can break your bank account. An electronic descaling system breaks down all of those minerals that cause this wear on your household appliances.

An Electronic Descaling System Eliminates Water Spots on Dishes

Even with a salt tank system, people with hard water have to spend extra time when they are unloading their dishwasher by cleaning water spots off their dishes. People don’t want to clean their dishes after they take them out of the dishwasher. The electronic descaling system eliminates all of this extra work which saves the extra hassle and time.

When you have to deal with choosing the right water system for your house, the electronic descaling system is the way to go. It has so many benefits to home and property owners over the old salt water tank system. It saves time, money, space and is energy efficient.

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Posted by , on Jan, 2015

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