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Posted by , on May, 2015

One of the most important things in the agricultural industry of today is to be able to have the information you need at the tips of your fingers. Agrimatics Libra offers this freedom and versatility through their app to connect any device to the information provided by the grain cart scale, helping to ensure you have the data you need when you need it.

With Agrimatics Libra, you never have to worry about storage of you’re the data or how it can be displayed. It is set up to measure automatically and record all data being loaded or unloaded, including showing the current weight of the cart. This provides you with real-time data and information to help you plan for your storage and shipment needs.


One of the first things, you will notice with the Agrimatics Libra system is you have full control over the data and units you want to see. You will be able to track grain going into the grain cart over the roughest of terrain in the units that work for you. This includes pounds, kilograms or bushels, whichever you wish to record.

Also, and to add to the versatility of this app and system, Agrimatics Libra can email you all the relevant information in a CSV file. This can be incorporated and used with any of your current spreadsheet programs, ensuring you won’t have to change your system because of a change in grain cart scale systems.

The Future

There are other grain cart systems offering similar programs, but Agrimatics Libra has an eye to the future. In their plans is the option to utilize cloud-connectivity, allowing the operator to access literally the information from the grain cart from anywhere in the world.

This data, once cloud-based, will be highly secure but also will mesh with other systems you have worked to help you to keep track of production. The result will be an Agrimatics Libra system that is cutting edge and allows synching in real time as you need it.

The current Agrimatics Libra system, as well as the future options, are designed to make the grain producers life as easy as possible. With access to information literally at your fingertips through any iOS device you will have full data recall in real time, helping to make management a lot easier.

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Posted by , on May, 2015

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