The Role of Music in Faith

Posted by , on Feb, 2016

If you’re a music lover, you already know how powerful of an effect that listening to your favorite songs or getting absorbed in the sounds of new music can be. Music has the power to alter us, change up, lift us up, and get us in touch with our deeper, personal feelings. Livestrong even says that music can potentially alter our consciousness! In this way, music can be quite an effective way to get in touch with your deeper faith and spirituality. When music and faith are combined, it makes for a truly moving, fully connected experience. Here in Jacksonville, our contemporary church understands and embraces the power of music and worship together.

A Step Beyond the Traditional
While many traditional services and churches use traditional hymns, we utilize a full, modern, electrical band to perform a range of gorgeous, uplifting spiritual music. If you feel like you need a boost when it comes to your experience at church or your connection to faith, you should visit one of our services! Our contemporary services begin with a period of music, led by our team. Members of our congregation are encouraged to participate in any way that they wish. You can clap along, listen and reflect silently, or even feel free to sing if you know the words. The beauty of music is that it allows you to be yourself and connect with God in your own personal way, and we encourage you to find that way!

The Future of Faith
Another important role of music in faith is the fact that it can attract newer and younger members of the congregation. While some individuals might be hesitant to join a church due to how they perceive traditional services, the addition of modern, exciting music can prove to be a very enticing draw. Younger people who may feel alienated and uninterested in worship may find a place amongst the music. And as popular music changes and evolves, you can expect to see a range of different music styles emerging in contemporary worship services.

It’s important to mention that music isn’t the only way that our church offers something a bit different. Our variety of life groups can also help you to connect with your congregation and community, and explore your deeper spiritual self. For a contemporary approach to worship, take some time to acquaint yourself with us, and visit South Point Community Church.

South Point Community Church is a vibrant, inviting, contemporary church in Jacksonville. If you’re looking for a different approach to worship, join us for one of our services.

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Posted by , on Feb, 2016

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