The Process For Using An ISO 9001 Registration Service

Posted by , on Oct, 2015

Using an ISO 9001 certification will be essential once you have made the decision to move forward in implementing a quality management system (QMS) within your company.

This is often a lengthy process, and you don’t need to have an ISO 9001 registrar involved at the first step. However, it can be very beneficial to consult with a company that can assist you in implementing the QMS and preparing for the ISO 9001 audit.

Choosing a Service

Ideally, you should start to look for a qualified ISO 9001 registrar soon as possible. This is important as you will need to find a registrar that is familiar with your industry, has experience in working with a company of a similar size, and that is able to work with you for the specific certifications you are seeking.

It is a good idea to use the web to find the registrars that are able to find certification based on your specific needs. With this list of services, which may be very short depending on the type of certification you are seeking and the industry you are in, you can then start to dig deeper into the points you will need to consider.


While the choice of an ISO 9001 registration service should never be based on fees, they do come into play when you have several options with the same qualifications. Ideally you should go with an experienced ISO 9001 registration service provider.

By comparing fees you can often find a considerable difference in what you will get in services for the quoted price and what will be billed hourly or over and above. It is very common for companies to request application costs, overtime charges, hour rates for corrective actions or to have travel fees for auditors, perhaps even for local travel.

There are also some ISO registration companies out there that do not charge these fees. Taking the time to compare costs and fees can result in significant savings over simply choosing the first qualified service you find.

After you have selected an ISO 9001 registrar, you will also need to complete an application, prepare and submit all required document, and then prepare for the audit.

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Posted by , on Oct, 2015

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