The Phone Call That Nobody Wants

Posted by , on Nov, 2017

The call comes in the middle of the night. It’s long distance, from overseas, and the news on the other end isn’t good. It might be a medical emergency, it might be a problem with local law enforcement, but all you know is that you don’t know the language. the life of one of your employees could hang in the balance, and you simply can’t afford to leave it up to machine translation. This is where interpreting services make the case for their value. Whether the issue is legal or medical, you need native speakers who specialize in the situation on your doorstep.

Law and Medicine

Two of the most specialized areas of interpreting services are law and medicine. Legal and medical translations are specialties unto themselves, employing not only native speakers of two languages but specialists in the legal and medical fields. In one case, an employee of an NGO contracted cholera and was hospitalized in a part of the country where it was difficult to find an English speaker. Translation services with a native speaker of both languages and a specialty in the medical field were deployed to coordinate care between stateside and local medical teams, arrange a medical evacuation and return the ailing employee to a hospital in his home country. If translation services had not been readily the outcome might have been far different.

Better Communication Equals Better Outcomes

Interpretation Services are essential in any business or organization where overseas presence is the rule rather than the exception. Protect your human capital wherever they are with impeccable native speaking translators specializing in law and medicine. When you have earlier communication in a language that you can understand, you will have better comprehension – and a better grip on the situation. You can then resolve your problems faster and with fewer complications.

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Posted by , on Nov, 2017

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