The Lever Latch – Styles and Applications

Posted by , on Oct, 2015

There are a variety of latches for all sorts of applications. When your design calls for a tight locking system that’s easy to use, secure and reliable, latching solutions are the right fit. Suppliers produce latches in stainless steel, carbon steel, and heavy duty finishes designed for durability and dependability.

Whether you need a standard or custom size latch, these products provide tight locking capabilities without damaging the surface of your finished product. You can also add a key locking or padlocking feature to some latch systems.

One Design
Not all latches are equal in their design and functionality. Suppliers produce a variety of styles that include a lift and turn compression, rotary draw, adjustable draw, spring, cam, speed and lever latches. In particular, the lever latch is a versatile system that combines both the latch and handle features in one design. It also uses an adjustable compression bolt that draws doors tight without wear on latching point.

The versatility of the lever latch comes with a wide range of grip dimensions. The latch is also available with or without keyed access variations. The lever latch design makes the install quick using a single rectangular mounting hole with singular bracket and mounting screws.

Quick Install
The lever latch is an easy install and most importantly, easy to use. With one push button actuation, it offers an appealing option where an attractive design is required. Industries such as automotive, military, aerospace and commercial airlines utilize the lever latch system.

When it’s time to order, there are suppliers that will accommodate low volume in addition to larger orders. Also, be sure the supplier meets the AS9100 and ISO9100 certification and preferably with manufacturing facilities in the U.S. Performance and quality metals are ideal for any latching system. A quality supplier should have years of experience and good customer service rating.

Versatility and Durability
Industrial designers can count on latches that meet specifications and provide an attractive finish for commercial products. Performance grade products in a wide array of standard and custom sizes make any finished product functional and durable. Whether it’s an overhead bin or rear van window, lever latches are a terrific solution.

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Posted by , on Oct, 2015

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