The Importance Of Pediatric Eye Care

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We live in a visual world. It is imperative that our children in Grand Rapids are able to see without experiencing any problems. In order to prevent or curtail vision problems, your child should see someone who specializes in pediatric eye care.

What Is Pediatric Eye Care?

Pediatric eye care is, simply put, eye care for children. Some optometrists specialize in children; others make children part of their service. In either case, the eye doctor is capable of treating children’s eye problems. He or she is well aware of what to look for and when. This is important because young children may not realize they do have an issue with their eyes.

Your preschooler may have vision problems that will go undetected resulting in worsening certain conditions. By seeking out eye care from an experienced, qualified professional pediatric optometrist, you are helping your child. You are giving him or her the best chance at seeing their world without visual issues.

To avoid serious issues professionals recommend your child undergo his or her first eye exam as early as 6 months. This means further follow-up pediatric eye care occur around age 3. Testing should transpire – at the very least, prior to the child attending any form of school, including daycare.

Why Pediatric Eye Care?

When it comes to pediatric eye care, parents and specialists have solid reasons why they believe it to be necessary. These include:

  • Early detection of vision problems can lead to preventive measures
  • Helping the child succeed in school
  • Fulfilling legal obligations. In the State of Michigan, which includes Grand Rapids, an eye examination is required before a child can attend public school (See MCL 380.1177). Since 2000, all public school children have to have proof of an eye examination before they are permitted to attend class.

To help prevent vision problems in the future, parents need to arrange for periodic pediatric eye care, including eye examinations. Such visits to a qualified eye care specialist in Grand Rapids will go a long way to keeping your child’s vision healthy for today and in the future. An annual visit is one of the best preventive measures you can provide at this early age.

Pediatric Eye Care

As a parent, you want the very best for your child. You have hopes and dreams you want them to fulfill. They have their own. To accomplish all they can, they need to be able to see the world they live, play and, eventually work in. To help them, one of the best things you can do is to ensure they protect their vision. One of the greatest ways to realize this is to arrange for your child to have an annual pediatric eye care visit.

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Posted by , on Oct, 2015

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