The Importance Of Expert Land Development in New Orleans LA

Posted by , on Jun, 2014

The landscape in and around New Orleans is as tricky as it is beautiful. Particularly in the wake of Katrina, properly executing Land Development in New Orleans LA has never been more important. Business and homeowners alike need to protect their investment from more catastrophic damages as well as repair the damage already done. Using a well established and reputable land development company is one of the best ways to protect their property and utilize it to its fullest potential. Oneal-Bond Engineering is one such land development and urban engineering company. They have helped repair much of the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina all along the Mississippi coast.

Who Can Benefit

When it comes to proper Land Development in New Orleans LA, everyone can benefit. Homeowners will be able to better use their property, either for home expansion, preparing the land for a garden or other landscaping, or providing an even surface area for children to play. Businesses can benefit from land development by maximizing the profitability of their property and improving the landscape for additional curb appeal. Property owners with larger parcels will be able to easily subdivide their land into smaller tracks for rentals or sale. Both residential and commercial properties can benefit from land development to protect against additional damage to the land from powerful hurricanes, flooding, and levee breaks.

Why Experience Matters

Anyone with a backhoe can claim to be professional land developers; however, for property owners, experience should be the greatest motivator. Experience can prove priceless when it comes to profitability, lasting results, and protection from unnecessary damages, particularly in regards to the unique landscape in the New Orleans area. Inexperienced developers could inadvertently cause irreversible damages to the land and surrounding buildings. Great care must be taken to avoid continued damages to the wetland areas as well as preserving any natural levees, which can only be accomplished safely through experience and training.

The benefits to using experienced land development companies can far outweigh the risks in New Orleans, and can in fact improve the area’s defenses against hurricanes, erosion, and the dropping ground levels. When properly done business’s profits and homeowner comfort both can increase while still protecting the beauty and uniqueness that is the landscaping of New Orleans. Contact O’Neal-Bond Engineering for more details.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2014

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