The High Volume Water Pump – Helping the Ecosystem

Posted by , on Nov, 2014

The high volume water pump is designed to operate reliably under severe conditions. They can be powered by electric or diesel motors. Many industries use these pumps, such as steam generating power stations. Cooling water circulates to cool the steam. There are applications in which these pumps are utilized to benefit sectors of the environment in which we acquire a water and food supply. There are other applications as well.

Here are just a few applications of the high volume water pump:

The Everglades Restoration Project
A healthy ecosystem is vital to a healthy economy. The Florida Everglades is vital to the fresh water supply and the animals inhabiting the area. The project involves the construction of canals, levees, and storm water treatment areas. Large axial flow pumping stations will move water from the storm treatment plants to the water storage areas. The project not only purifies the water entering the Everglades ecosystem, but also maintains the proper water levels for optimum health to the region.

Golf Course Irrigation
We think of this sector for growing crops. Florida has a different need that could adversely impact the ecosystem. Golf courses require watering and can deplete the drinking water supply. At The Villages (Florida), a retirement community of 100,000 people with over 630 holes of golf, developed a system of lakes and ponds to reclaim water for use to irrigate the golf courses. The pumps are triggered automatically when the lake level is too high. During the dry season, the pumps are activated to move the water to areas that need it the most.

Water farming is a rapidly growing industry in Florida. As marine life is depleted in the oceans and strict harvesting limits are enforced, water farms that grow seafood constitute a rapidly growing industry. These farms require a large flow of seawater, a highly corrosive element challenging for most pumps. Specially designed axial and mixed flow pumps can operate efficiently and reliably. Shrimp, oysters, and mussels are just a few of farm grown animals benefiting from a controlled environment. Acquafarming is financed by private capital and requires efficient pumps to keep operating costs to a minimum.

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Posted by , on Nov, 2014

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