The Hidden History of Kisumu

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Up until now, not many have heard of the port city Kisumu, and if they have, they have been hard pressed to make it synonymous with the word luxury. But Kisumu is a city steeped rich in history and is now an up-and-coming city, with its renewal of popularity that has become a hotspot for tourism. Those looking to vacation and check out the local charm of this city can book a luxury hotel in Kisumu at a reasonable price.

Kisumu is located in Kenya, which is located on the eastern coast of Africa. Although Kenya is bordered on its eastern side by the Indian Ocean, the city of Kisumu is located on Kenya’s western border, which is flanked by Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria itself, named after the reigning queen of England at the time of its discovery by explorers, holds several impressive records. It is Africa’s largest lake, the second largest tropical lake in the world and is the world’s second largest freshwater lake. With Kisumu’s prime location, it’s no wonder that the city has always been a bustling center of trade. In fact, the root of the word Kisumu means “trading.”

British explorers settled into the area at around 1900 bringing industrialization and the railroad to the port town, along with a new name, Port Florence. The Port Florence name never caught on, though, and a year later, Kisumu became the official British colony name as well. The city kept expanding, becoming the main hub of trade not only for Kenya but also for other African states. By the 1940s, the city was becoming extremely cosmopolitan and expanding. It was in this era that the concept of a luxury hotel in Kisumu was first realized.

Kisumu had a brief shift in its momentum in the 1960s when Kenya and other nations vied for its independence from British rule. However, since 1996, there has been a powerful resurgence of the entire city, with its focus shifting from merely trade to oil. Kisumu is now ranked as Kenya’s most rapidly growing cities, and is teeming with shopping malls and magnificent tourist attractions.

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Posted by , on Apr, 2016

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