The Different Styles of Baths in Pittsburgh

Posted by , on Dec, 2015

Every homeowner has thought of changing the look of the bathroom. You may want to renovate an existing one or put in a brand new one. In any case, you should look up the different styles that define the modern bathroom. There is more than one type of bath design that exists, so know the options available to you.

Half and Full Sizes

Size is the main factor that defines baths of all types. There are half and full sizes to choose from, based on your budget and preference. The full size is large and spacious enough to accommodate many people at once. In some of these bathrooms, there is room for a double sink, shower, and hot tub.

The half size bathroom is half the size of a normal bathroom. This room saves space for more important rooms, such as bedrooms. The half size seems small, but the space is adequate to support three or four users. You still have enough room for a storage pantry along with a spacious shower.

Roman Bath

The Roman bath is an ancient style invented by the Romans. The architecture in Rome was defined by wide, open spaces and long columns. When you install this style into your bathroom, keep these basic features in mind.

The Roman bath works best in a large bathroom with plenty of walking and breathing space. The overall style is simplistic and does not require many elaborate features. You can install a bathtub or shower along with a sink and a few vanities, and will need a professional to install the tiles to cover the walls and floors.

Glass Tiles

The clear, crystalline look of glass tiles is the newest trend in bathroom design. Glass has always been a material that brings style and elegance into any room. You have the option to install these tiles in any place that seems fit. The tiles look good on the walls, on the floors or on the ceiling. Some people like the look of glass tiles on windows or near mirrors.

Glass comes in many different colors and patterns, so your bathroom does not look like the standard ones you find in catalogs. Decide where you want to install glass tiles and then decide how they will look.

Since the beginning of bathroom remodeling, people have created all kinds of designs. There are endless selections of colors, materials, and designs that you will find in stores. Take your bathroom very seriously, as if you were a professional remodeler. When you need to evaluate the different baths in Pittsburgh, choose a company that specializes in the remodels and installations of baths. Click here to learn more information about our bath-related products and services.

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Posted by , on Dec, 2015

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