The Best Type Of Epoxy Floor Coating For Florida Homes

Posted by , on Sep, 2018

There are several ways Florida homeowners can improve the appeal and value of their property. While a lot of focus is placed on the home itself, adding epoxy floor coating to garage floor boosts the visual appeal as well as the durability of the floor.

Unfortunately, many homeowners assume the do-it-yourself kits in hardware stores provide the same quality of epoxy flooring as those installed by professional epoxy flooring services. This is not the case as there are several key differences between the two options.

Lack of Floor Preparation

Before applying epoxy floor coating, correct floor preparation must be completed. Using do-it-yourself kits means that attention to the condition of the concrete is often not a factor, leading to flooring that lifts, peels or fails to adhere to the surface.

When using professional contractors and commercial grade epoxy flooring, floor preparation is the first step in the process. The result is a finished floor that is smooth, free from cracks and pits, and a true value-added element to a home garage.

The Durability Factor

Do-it-yourself epoxy floor coating kits use a very thin epoxy and typically a one or two-step process. The result is a thin epoxy layer that is prone to lifting from the heat of tires, exposure to oil or grease and even damage from typical wear and tear in a residential garage.

By using a professional Florida epoxy flooring contractor, the coating is applied to the ideal thickness and bonds completely to the surface of the concrete. The result is a garage floor that does not lift, peel or become damaged by exposure to oil, grease, hot tires or typical wear.

Professionally applied epoxy flooring can last for decades. At best, the do-it-yourself kits last for a few years, then the signs of wear become all too evident.

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Posted by , on Sep, 2018

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