The Benefits of Stage Rigging

Posted by , on Jun, 2018

Stage rigging is an excellent practice that is used for festivals, trade shows, concerts, expos and many other events. Stage rigging helps with many components of the event and can actually save some time and money, should anything else go wrong.

Better Safety

It can be difficult to keep a group or large number of people safe, especially at an event. There are many logistics to consider, such as the size of the location, the proximity of people to each other, what type of event it is and other factors. Utilizing stage rigging can give extra space to a facility because audio equipment, lighting and other equipment can be located safely off of the ground and away from the crowd. With the extra space, the crowd can spread out, which reduces the risk of people becoming as agitated with each other. It also reduces the risk of injury in regard to accidents involving equipment.

Better for Acoustics & Lighting

Equipment may be rigged to allow for better sound or lighting of the venue. Utilizing rigging can allow for the geometry of the space to be considered, as well as fabrics and other things that affect acoustics to be considered. This also applies to lighting as well. If the lighting is positioned different, or different considerations for lighting can be made, it may affect the ability to light the venue in the manner that is desired.

Enhances Performances

Stage rigging can enhance performances because it can essentially make special effects invisible to the crowd. For performances or events that make use of pyrotechnics, flying performers, light shows and scenery changes, rigging can enhance the enjoyment for the crowds.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2018

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