The Benefits of Digital Wallcoverings for Your Home or Business

Posted by , on Feb, 2015

There is no question that the wall décor in your home or business is an integral part of your architectural design. The latest technology and offering in this industry is referred to as a digital wallcovering from our inventory at WolfGordon. This variety of wallcovering has allowed us to produce custom wall décor that expands the abilities of interior design like never seen before.

The Rise in Popularity of Digital Wallcoverings

Both interior designers and architects have served customers who are seeking a modern way to update their wall décor. No matter if you are planning the design of your home, a restaurant, retail shop, condo or other location, an innovative digital wallcovering can provide you with a custom option that is as unique as the style and personality you want to convey. Big or small images, patterns or abstract prints – no matter what you envision, it can be made reality with the help of our services at WolfGordon.

Custom Designs

When you choose a custom digital wallcovering from WolfGordon, you will be able to have custom and on-demand wallcoverings created for you. The technology we offer makes it easy to quickly create your custom design and then have it printed on any material you choose. Additionally, this option offers a number of environmental benefits, without sacrificing the end quality of the product. This makes it a smart purchase that will also update the style of your space.

Implementing the Use of Our Digital Wallcoverings

Our digital wallcoverings from WolfGordon assist both interior designers and architects in regards to printing, décor trends and media technologies, as well as installation methods. No matter your industry, you will find that the options for wallcoverings we offer meet your needs and then some.

While this is not a new idea since posters, wallpaper and murals have been printed and used for a number of decades, the technology behind this option is completely innovative. It allows you to create a custom design for your walls that is seamless in terms of matching up on large spaces and ensuring you achieve the look that you really want for your space.


When it comes to our selection of wallcoverings, there is no question that we offer it all. No matter what you are looking for – wood, vinyl, or custom designs – we can quickly and efficiently create the digital wallcovering you want and need. Additionally, installation of these prints is fairly easy and can be handled by a homeowner or a professional to ensure it looks great and there are no issues with the application. When you are ready to find a unique way to decorate your walls, making them unique to your home or business, then digital wallcoverings should be something you consider.

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Posted by , on Feb, 2015

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