The Advantages Of Using A Professional Videographer Service in Rockville To Create A Video Deposition For Your Case

Posted by , on Feb, 2015

As a legal professional, it is likely that you understand how frustrating the deposition process can be. Having to leaf through pages and pages of transcripts as you look to build your case can quickly become tiresome, and even one missed statement could jeopardize your case. Fortunately, this is where a professionally-recorded video deposition can really help. Consider the following benefits that you can reap by hiring a professional videographer service in Rockville to create a video deposition for your legal team:

Preserving A Witness’ Testimony

In many cases, witness testimonies will be key in your team getting the successful outcome that they desire. One of the biggest benefits associated with video depositions are the fact that they have the ability to preserve a witness’ testimony. Cases can often take months (or even years) to come to a resolution, and videotaping a deposition is an ideal way to make sure that the testimony will be available even if the person becomes ill, dies, or becomes difficult to find. In addition, videotaping the deposition will not allow a witness to contradict themselves in the future, as you’ll have undeniable proof of every word of their original testimony.

Video and Text Synchronization

Looking through a video deposition in order to verify something that a witness has said can be tedious. A professional videographer service in Rockville can often offer video and text synchronization, which provides the following advantages:

* You can view the scrolling text below or beside the video as it plays, which can help you clearly see what the witness said if their speech is difficult to understand.

* You’ll be able to look for specific keyword phrases within the text instead of having to constantly rewind or fast-forward the video to find that particular section.

* You will be able to create video clips. Not only can these help you highlight specific information during a court presentation, but it is also convenient when you need to convey a part of the testimony to an investigator or your fellow partner.

A professional video deposition can make all the difference when it comes to building a solid case. If you’re looking to save time and frustration, get in contact with Gore Brothers Reporting & Video Company, Inc. Their team of professionals will be able to provide the litigation support services that you need to ensure that your information is always presented with the utmost in clarity and professionalism.


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Posted by , on Feb, 2015

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