The Advantages Of Nylon Tubing Connectors

Posted by , on May, 2015

Using aluminum tubing for stands, racks, displays and storage shelving, as well as for frames and lightweight construction is always a popular option. Adding nylon tubing connectors to make quick work of putting systems together is both practical as well as ensures easy installation.

In general tubing connectors made of nylon are most commonly used with the square aluminum tube. This will include square tubing with single or double flanges, with channels or any specially made or custom designed aluminum tubing.

These connectors come in many different shapes and options to allow easy configuration of any shape of shelving, racks, stands or frames needed. With all the options with nylon aluminum tubing connectors, your imagination is all you need to make unique and customized shapes suit all your needs.

Simple Connectors

There are several simple or standard types of tubing connectors which can be used to create right angles or to connect two or more pieces of aluminum tubing with a safe, secure end cap.

One of the most versatile options is the 2 way 90 which will allow you to make a single right angle. This is perfect for an upper or lower corner of a frame. The 3 way 90 allows you to turn the simple 90 into a corner on a box type of frame rather than a flat frame.

To provide support in the middle, a 3-way tee is the perfect option. This allows the connection of two pieces of aluminum tubing with a perpendicular, ideal for longer lengths of frames. There are also 2-way straight nylon tubing connectors which allow you to connect tubing in a straight line.

The 4 way 90 does the same as the 3-way tee, but also gives you the space on the connector for the additional of a cross piece. This is ideal for longer, continual frames, especially where weight is an issue.

Advanced Options

To provide additional strength throughout the frame, there are several tubing connectors which are ideal. They not only allow more complex connections and designs, but they also provide additional support for larger frames or displays.

Some of the more common include the 4-way cross, the 6-way, hexagonal and adjustable connectors. With these, it is possible to create shapes and designs other than right angle corners.

Choosing the best tubing connectors for the square aluminum tube is a matter of the shape of the final frame or design. With these connectors, the frame looks finished, is easy to put together and take apart, and provides options to expand or change the shape as needed.

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Posted by , on May, 2015

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