The Advantage of 1/0 Marine Battery Cable

Posted by , on Sep, 2015

Batteries have a wide variety of applications. They are used to provide power to devices on the go, and avid boaters know the importance of a good quality battery and cables. A good quality marine battery cable ensures that the battery delivers constant stable power without any glitches. Moreover, it also makes the battery safer for operation in the seas.

Buying a marine battery cable is not that expensive, and the benefits offered by the marine battery cable make it a worthwhile investment. Battery cables come in different gauge sizes. For boat wiring, 1/0 gauge marine battery cables are best suited to withstand harsh environment. Other benefits that make 1/0 marine battery cable ideal for use in the oceans are listed below.

ABYC & USCG Approved for Use in Boats

The most significant benefit of 1/0 marine battery cable is that it is ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) and USCG (United States Coast Guard) approved for use in boats. It is listed as UL1426 with an approved rating of BC5-W2 or 105C. This makes it perfect for use in boats and ships that travel in the ocean over a long distance.

Fine Stranded Copper

1/0 marine battery cable has fine stranded copper, also known as Type III stranding. Each strand of the copper wire is tin plated to give it high resistance properties. The wire can resist rusting and corrosion and ensure safe operation in the oceans for many years.

Protection from Short Circuit and Breakage

Marine battery cables offer maximum protection against short circuiting. Moreover, hard coated copper coating protects it from breakage and damage. The high quality copper used in the 1/0 marine battery cable also results in smooth flow of current resulting in stable power output. This also extends battery life and minimizes repairs. The fine materials of the 1/0 marine battery cable prevent sparks from damaging the battery and the cable.

On a final note, 1/0 marine battery cable is perfect for use in ocean going vessels including boats and large ships. The cable ensures continuous supply of power and protects the battery from damage. Once 1/0 marine battery cable is installed it will last for a long time without requiring replacements. Moreover, it will also extend the battery life so you will save cost on replacement and repairs of the battery.

The marine cable is water resistant and is especially designed for people who want to spend maximum time exploring the oceans. It will ensure that they have a comfortable journey, enjoying all the modern electronic amenities without any problems.

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Posted by , on Sep, 2015

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