T5 Tube Guards with Built-In Heat Sink Dissipate Heat

Posted by , on Sep, 2015

EPCO’s T5 Tube Guards with built-in heat sink are the only tube guards recommended for high-wattage, energy-saving T5HO fluorescent lamps that dissipate 73% of their total lamp power as heat. The T5HD (heat dissipation) Series Tube Guard’s larger diameter and vented end caps control and distribute heat by permitting a layer of air to absorb heat from the lamp and cool it before making contact with the inside wall of the tube guard. In fact, EPCO is the only manufacturer with test results that prove its tube guard lowers the temperature to 185OF on the inside surface and over a larger area at the end of the tube guard—besting other makes by 30OF.

In addition to this unique advantage over other tube guards, T5 Tube Guards with pre-installed Heat Sink save installation time. Built-in Heat Sinks eliminate the process of pre-rolling two Heat Sinks per tube guard. Installers simply insert the lamp into the T5 HD Series Tube Guard, insert the “vented” end cap on each end of the tube guard, and install the “tubed” lamp into the fixture.

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Posted by , on Sep, 2015

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