Swim Safe with a Chlorine Free Pool System

Posted by , on Feb, 2015

Chlorine has been perceived as one of the only effective ways to disinfect the water in swimming pools and spas for close to 100 years. While it is very effective in killing bacteria and keeping the water looking crystal clear, the fact is that chlorine is very dangerous. People know the more obvious effects chlorine has on skin, eyes, and hair. Anyone who has swum in a chlorinated pool has felt the dry skin, itchy eyes, and brittle hair after being in the water. In more recent times, studies have linked chlorine with different kinds of cancer and claims have been made linking it with the erosion of the Earth’s ozone layer.

As the dangers of using chlorine in water treatment systems are unveiled, more people have been opting for a chlorine free pool system at home. At Clearwater Pool Systems we have many chlorine free systems available today that offer safe, effective, and environmentally friendly alternatives to chlorine water treatments.

The Copper and Silver Ionization System

If you are looking for the safest and most effective chlorine free pool system, at Clearwater Pool Systems we have just the option for you. Our MineralPure system is scientifically designed and uses copper and silver ionization to disinfect water. Copper and silver ions have been tested and proven to kill algae, bacteria, and viruses. It is a natural method that has been used as a disinfectant in water for thousands of years to protect against bacterial infections. There have been several studies conducted by major universities that have documented the process of copper and silver ionization. It was even utilized by NASA on their Apollo flights to purify drinking water.

MineralPure: The Best Chlorine Free Pool System for You!

At Clearwater Pool Systems we have harnessed this super effective natural water treatment process to offer you the best chlorine free pool system you can find. Our MineralPure system takes a scientifically designed set of copper and silver electrodes and a microprocessor control box and installs them with your existing pool equipment’s return line.

The control box generates a precise and low voltage DC current to the electrodes and as water passes through the flow cell chamber where the electrodes are housed, the current produces positive ions that are released into the water, killing algae, bacteria, and viruses through the combination of copper and silver ions.

Effective and Affordable

This incredibly effective chlorine free pool system is easy to maintain and at Clearwater Pool Systems we make sure to offer you the lowest prices. All of our systems come with a simple ion test kit to help you maintain adequate ion levels in your water.

Make the switch to MineralPure today to feel the refreshing effects of a chlorine free pool system!

Explore Your Options for Chlorine Alternative Pool Systems

Chlorine has become the most popular chemical for effectively treating water in swimming pools and spas due to its ability to lower concentration levels in the water, and quickly and effectively eliminate bacteria. It also kills algae and breaks down oils, lotions, and flakes of skin in the water. Although chlorine has proven to be the most effective chemical for sanitizing water, like every chemical, it also carries with it health risks and other disadvantages.

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Posted by , on Feb, 2015

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