Surprisingly Easy Ways to Make Your House Safer

Posted by , on Mar, 2017

The idea of having a predator break into your house is terrifying. It is your castle; your family and all your belongings are supposed to be safe in your house. There are people out there who look to find security flaws to gain entry, invade your space, hurt your loved ones, and steal your property. Thinking about it is unpleasant, yet you must do it to make sure your take appropriate precautions. A few easy actions can reduce your risk of being a target for home invasion.

Do Not Advertise

People are going to look for houses that have easy to steal and high value items. When you purchase electronics it is important to ensure you dispose of packaging in a way that does not alert thieves to the new item of value. A quick trip to the recycling depot could save you a break in. Similarly, other valuables should be stored out of sight, and away from windows. A thief may target you if they look into a window and see a potential grab.

Light it Up

Would be thieves do not want to be seen. Outdoor lights in Chicago can be set up to deter home invaders. The attention that is drawn to a motion sensor light brings too much risk of being caught for the perpetrators, and they will look to more venerable homes. A good set of motion detector lights is a great investment in your homes security.

Lock it Up

Your house is only as good as the security that you use. Open windows and unlocked doors are invitations for home invasion. Ensuring that all the doors are locked and windows are properly secured greatly reduces your risk of being targeted. In the event of an incident, the high value items that are easy to spot will be gone. By keeping things like jewelry and electrons safely hidden in a safe, you can reduce the impact if a break-in does occur. Other things that should always be kept in a safe include important documents, any cash, and weapons.

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Posted by , on Mar, 2017

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