Steps to Obtaining Security Clearance

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The security clearance process has five distinct steps. These include the pre-investigation, the actual investigation, adjudication, appeals process and finally, reinvestigation. Once an individual is cleared, they understand there are periodic reinvestigations they must endure to maintain the clearance. There is no way to estimate the time a reinvestigation will take since it will depend on the access level of the person and the federal agency they work for. There are also several steps in the first part. There are multiple forms filled with questions and intense interviews. Employers who work with a firm to develop a security clearance solution should understand what the individual went through
The Pre-investigation Process

Individuals who are part of a security clearance solution have been through the pre=investigative process. A federal agency decides how much access the individual will need to classified information. The individual who wants to be cleared will have to submit a completed SF-86.

The Investigation Itself

An investigator starts with the SF-86 and begins to dig through the applicant’s background information. If the investigator doesn’t find anything worth noting in their background, then adjudication begins.
Adjudication Process

This step is basically the decision on whether or not the individual is granted clearance. The decision is largely based on information discovered and verified by the prior investigation. For those who are part of a security clearance solution with a firm, they have been investigated and cleared. They can continue to work, but every 10 years will be reinvestigated.

The Appeals Process

For those who are not adjudicated and are not approved, they have the option of appealing the decision. This step provides the applicant some recourse, especially if they feel they were denied without cause. They can file an appeal to have their information reconsidered.

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Posted by , on Jan, 2018

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