Skimping on Fireplace Inspection and Repairs might not be Favorable in the Long Run

Posted by , on Jun, 2015

In certain areas that are often visited by heavy snow fall and where winter lasts for more months, most of the homes have their fireplaces not as a decorative piece for the home but to serve as a source of heat and comfort during the cold winter nights. While central heating is becoming a trend, fireplaces create a different ambiance and much more cost-effective in terms of energy consumption. However, even if the fireplace has been build sturdily to withstand the elements, it still needs regular maintenance and cleaning.

Fireplace Repair companies in Edina MN can recommend the best course of action after a thorough visual inspection. Annual inspection of the fireplace is required for safety purposes. Maintenance includes checking the chimneys if it is structurally sound and there are no visible cracks. Failure to take extra precaution with the cracks may result in chimney fires. Chimney fires can be very devastating for the family since thousands worth of damages might be suffered in very short time. Creosote which builds up in the chimney is flammable and easily ignites.

Because it is the usual cause of chimney fires, creosote must immediately be removed before it grows too thick for combustion. It is also important to consider the wood that is burned since some kinds of wood do produce more creosote. Firewood needs to be dried thoroughly under the sun for months before being used as fuel to limit the amount of creosote. Avoid using softwood like pine for fuel as it results in creosote buildup.

Regular cleaning of the fireplace and chimneys will not only make it more pleasing to the eyes but it reduces safety and health hazards. If the chimneys are not properly maintained, carbon monoxide might enter the home instead of going out through the chimney. While the chimneys provide a lot of advantages for the home in terms of a dramatic and elegant ambiance, responsibility must be provided towards its care and maintenance.

However, the maintenance of the fireplace and chimneys should be left to the experts like Fireplace Repair companies in Edina MN. People just don’t realize the amount of expertise that a fireplace repair needs to make it structurally sound. If you decide to handle the cleaning and repairs, be sure you are up to the task of climbing the roof with the right equipment since you certainly will not appreciate having creosote in your eyes and lungs. In most cases, it is the bricks and stones that make up the fireplace and chimneys that are the problem.

Damaged or cracked fireplace mortar is potentially dangerous and should be repaired immediately to prevent home fires. Any cracks or damages can cause sparks and cinders to find their way between the mortars and ignite a fire on the floorboards or walls. Particularly for old fireplaces and chimneys, inspection must be regularly done especially after an earthquake or severe weather condition. Mortar can crack after a severe winter since the bricks expand and contract after freezing. Regular inspection saves you from a lot of trouble including expensive restoration jobs.

Problems that get caught in time by Fireplace Repair Edina MN can be solved easily without having to face expensive maintenance jobs and other potential dangers. For more information, visit

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Posted by , on Jun, 2015

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