Situations Where Trees Pose a Hazard and Require Tree Cutting Services in Queens County, NY

Posted by , on Jun, 2015

Trees can add value to a landscaped yard provided they are in the proper place. If they are in the wrong place, they can turn into a liability. While taking any trees down isn’t always ideal, it is unavoidable if one of these situations arises. This will ensure that the trees don’t cause any more damage.

A dead tree can pose a problem that will require tree cutting services in the Queens County NY area. Dead trees are a hazard because their root system is suffering from decay. They can fall when their support system fails. Since it is impossible to predict when they will fall, the tree should be taken down before damage can occur. If the tree is relatively large, it may have to be taken down in pieces before it can be fully removed.

A tree too close to the foundation will have to be cut down completely. Unfortunately, the root system will continue to grow while the tree is still alive. As the roots grow, they will continue to cause problems with the foundation. This can cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Depending on the extent of the invasion of the roots, the roots may also have to be dug up as part of the removal process.

Tree cutting services in Queens County NY, will also be needed in cases where the trees are directly growing into the power lines. Ideally, trees should be cut down before they reach the height of the power lines. If the branches of the tree come into contact with the lines, cutting it down can be extremely dangerous. This task should only be done by experts because of the danger. There are many people that have been injured or killed accidentally coming into contact with the electrified lines while attempting to cut down trees.

While trees are a great asset, they can also pose a hazard to property and lives if they are in one of these situations. Tree cutting services by an expert are necessary if these trees are in a dangerous situation. Their experience will ensure that injuries do not occur when these trees are taken down.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2015

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