Signs You May Need Air Conditioning Repair in Houston TX

Posted by , on Jun, 2015

During hot summer months, there is nothing worse than when your AC system suddenly stops working. Learning to spot the warning signs that signify that your air conditioning unit is about to go on the fritz will help you avoid hot, sleepless summer nights in bed while you wait for a qualified technician to arrive for Emergency Air Conditioning Repair in Houston TX.

For the purpose of this article, the assumption will be made that your AC unit is a central air conditioning system that has been working properly in the past. Listed will be warning signs to be on the lookout for that may indicate problems that require repair.

AC doesn’t turn on

If the AC isn’t turning on, check to see that it is set to “cool” first. Maybe someone changed it by accident. If that is not the problem, check the batteries in the wall-mounted thermostat or the circuit breaker that controls the AC. If neither of these is the cause, then the problem is more serious. It very well could be a compressor unit that has stopped working and needs repaired.

Air isn’t as cool

If the air isn’t cooling as much or as quickly as it has in the past, it’s possible that the Freon coolant needs to be refilled or that the unit’s blower needs repaired. Click here for more details.

Reduced air flow

If the AC isn’t putting out as much air as it used to, then a problem exists. First, check to see if the unit’s air filter needs to be cleaned. If that isn’t the cause, then a failing compressor unit may be the culprit.

Water puddles

If you notice water puddles around the compressor unit, it’s a sign that that water isn’t being drained properly. The probable cause is that the unit’s drainage tube is either blocked or dislodged.

Strange sounds

All air conditioners make noise while they are operating, but if you notice strange new sounds emitting from the unit then there likely is a problem. Rattling, grating or squealing sounds that weren’t there before indicate a mechanical problem. It could be as simple as a loose screw ratting around or as serious as a bent fan blade or a faulty blower.

If your AC unit is experiencing any of the problems described above, then you might need Air Conditioning Repair in Houston TX. AspenAire Heating and Cooling Houston TX specialize in heating and air conditioning repair.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2015

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