Should You Get A Baby Sleep Sack?

Posted by , on Oct, 2014

There are millions of baby products on the market, and it can be confusing for new parents to decide which ones to buy. For sleeping options, there are a range of cribs, rocking cradles, baby blankets, and other items. How should your baby sleep? Which is the most comfortable way? How do you ensure safety during the night hours?

The baby sleep sack is a great option for night time. It’s a product designed to ensure your infant’s comfort and safety in their crib. If you’re wondering what it is and whether you should buy it, here’s the low-down on the baby sleep sack.

What Is A Baby Sleep Sack?
Basically, it’s a Snuggie for babies. You know those cheesy Snuggie outfits that people wear during Michigan football games when it’s 10 degrees outside? Well, the baby sleep sack follows a similar design. It’s a wearable blanket for your infant that stays on during the night. You zip your baby into the sack and it stays on no matter what. Instead of a large tangle of baby blankets that can fall off, it ensures your little one is covered up and warm.

The Baby Sleep Sack Is Safe
The sleep sack is used by hospitals all over America to promote a “baby-friendly” approach. Loose tangles of blankets can interfere with your infant’s breathing and possibly contribute to SIDS. The baby sleep sack, however, can’t cover your child’s face during the night. Babies can’t kick the sack off and wrap themselves dangerously around the covers.
SIDS is one of the major dangers facing infants today. While rates have declined due to the “Back to Sleep” campaign, in which parents were encouraged to lay infants on their backs at night, it’s still a possible threat to infants. The sleep sack ensures that little ones don’t become dangerously entangled with blankets during the night that could reduce breathing.

The Baby Sleep Sack Ensures Warmth
Because your baby fits into it like a onesie, your little one can’t kick it off during the night. This ensures that you don’t hear crying on the baby monitor at 3 a.m. because your infant is cold. Babies who wear the sleep sack are warm, content, and sleep better through the night. Infants are notoriously wiggly, but the sleep sack is designed to be wiggle-proof. Made of soft, breathable fabric, it makes sure that your infant is consistently warm and happy during sleep.

Since 2005, the American Academy of Pediatrics has approved the baby sleep sack as a safer method than wrapped blankets. It’s used by hospitals nationwide to provide warm, comfortable sleeping to newborns that doesn’t interfere with breathing. A sleep sack is a safe, comfortable alternative that your baby will love. For more information visit gotobaby. or you can visit Facebook page.


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Posted by , on Oct, 2014

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