Seeing a Dentist in Eagan MN for Implantation

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Many people will ask their Dentist in Eagan MN if implant treatment can be done in a day. Generally, implants can be installed the same day, unless there is a risk of problems. When there are upper incisors left or there are teeth that have been recently been extracted, a stable bridge of three implants can be done in one day. If there is only one tooth that must be extracted, the bone must be in good condition. This includes the gum (gingiva) not being inflamed, after which a temporary crown can be made immediately after the insertion of the implant.

Depending on the jaw bone, dentists distinguish the need for implants by:

* if there is enough bone, implant treatment can begin immediately

* if there isn’t enough bone there may be a need to increase bone structure, but the implants can be inserted during the same visit

* if there is not enough bone, both quantitatively and qualitatively, bone growth is more or less necessary and a processing time is recommended (6-9 months). After this, the implantation will be initiated

* if there is increased bone

* It is also possible that patients do not have enough alveolar crest to insert the implant; and in this situation, your Dentist in Eagan MN will build new bone by combining several techniques. These range from the placement of artificial bone in bone resorption zones to transplanting the patient’s own bone. The latter procedure is often performed by a maxillofacial surgeon using concentrated plasma. Visit website for more information.

After a period of treatment, the implant is unveiled and the dentist will apply a superstructure. It may be a crown, a bridge or a movable permanent denture. The superstructure is performed somewhere between three to six appointments; the time between the insertion of implants and this procedure may vary between six weeks and six months. This depends on several parameters, such as:

* the strength of the bone of the jaws

* the size of the implants used

* the need for an increase in bone

An implant can sometimes be inserted so that its structure is slightly higher above the gingiva. In this way, other treatments are no longer necessary. In some cases, the implant is immediately mounted so a temporary prosthesis may be applied in only a few days.

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Posted by , on Mar, 2015

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