Secrets On How To Maintain A Car Battery

Posted by , on May, 2016

Just like other parts of your cars, the batteries need to be well taken care of to function optimally. Otherwise, you might find yourself stranded in middle of the highway if you drive a car that has a poorly maintained battery.

Here are some secrets on how to maintain car batteries.


Do not leave your car in the open no matter the weather conditions. Instead, you should always park it inside an insulated garage to keep the temperature around the battery optimal. However, you should avoid heated garages as the heat and moisture can cause rusting.

Keep Them Clean

Dirt, grease, and other forms of debris will not only lower the lifespan of the battery but also weaken its ability to store charge for long period. Hence, make sure that you clean it once or twice per week, but this is dependent on the number of times that you drive the car.

Consider Insulating the Battery

If you do not have a well-insulated garage, you can enhance the efficiency of the batteries by insulating it. In fact, this is one of the cheapest ways of protecting your battery from damage. There is no shortage of insulation materials that you can use for this purpose. Make sure that you do your research to know the specific capabilities of the insulation materials to choose the best.

Recharge the Solar

Advancement in technology has led to development of solar charging system that you can use to power up your car battery. As you can tell from the name, the system is designed to harness solar energy from the sun. Consider connecting this charging system with a monitor to avoid overcharging the battery.

Add Distilled Water

If you want to prolong the life of your battery, you can do so by adding distilled water. Make sure that you add the water as per the specific instructions provided by the battery manufacturer to get the expected results.

Indeed, it is possible to enhance durability and efficiency of car batteries without spending a fortune. Use the above tips to achieve these objectives.

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Posted by , on May, 2016

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