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Posted by , on Jun, 2015

Dental sealants are an effective way to reduce tooth decay with anyone considered as high risk, but they are mainly used in children. This procedure is very easy and painless, but every instance is different so speak with your dentist before deciding on any one procedure. This article will explain how this simple procedure can fight main dental infections at any age. Continue reading or contact your local Dentistry in Wichita to learn more.

What are dental sealants?

Brushing your teeth twice a day helps remove plaque (an acidic layer that forms on teeth and causes cavities), but some teeth are harder to clean than others. To this, dentists speak of the back teeth. Molars have an irregular surface with grooves, pits and fissures that complicate cleaning. Failure to properly remove plaque greatly increases the chances of developing cavities. The aim of dental sealants is simply to cover the uneven surface of the molars to protect against cavities. It is a thin layer of plastic that sticks above the tooth while filling the small holes you have. Thus, bacteria cannot penetrate the tooth and allows the sealant to provide complete protection against cavities.

How are sealants applied and why should you get them?

Before placing a sealant, the dentist makes sure your teeth are clean. Then, he or she will prepare the tooth surface for proper adhesion of the sealant. Once dry, the dentist will place the liquid sealant on the occlusal surface. Finally, they apply a special light onto the teeth that harden the material immediately. If you have suffered several cavities or have a molar with very deep grooves, you may run a greater risk of future dental caries. Your local Dentistry in Wichita will study the anatomy of your teeth and your medical history to determine if it is worth using dental sealants.

As previously said, this treatment is used especially in children who are at a small increased risk of tooth decay due to their high consumption of sweets, lack of dental hygiene or due to genetic factors. If you’re worried about your children’s cavities, ask your local dentist about the possibility of applying dental sealants. Visit us to learn more. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2015

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