Repair Your Failing Foundation Using Mud Pumping in Mississippi

Posted by , on Jun, 2015

The base of any building is its foundation, and it serves several purposes. Its primary function is to provide a level surface to build the rest of the structure on, but it is also used to keep the building level and spread the weight properly. When the foundation begins to fail, the building will shift, and things begin to break. If the problem is in a home, then you may see signs such as cracks in the walls, gaps between bricks or doors and windows that don’t operate properly.

The first step in repairing the foundation is a thorough inspection to determine the fault. Most foundation problems are the result of water washing away the supporting soil. As the soil is moved, there is a void left under the foundation. This problem can be fixed with Mud Pumping in Mississippi. That is, the contractor will fill the void with a mix of water, Portland cement, sand and various additives that reduce shrinkage. This mixture is pumped under pressure so that any small spaces will be filled. This reduces the chance of water seeping back into the area.

Another use for Mud Pumping in Mississippi is to lift the foundation. This is necessary whenever the supporting soils have washed away. Once the soil has shifted, the weight of the building will push down on the unsupported areas and cause stress. Pumping hydraulic grout into these spaces will support the foundation and lift the building in the process. One benefit to this method is a slow lifting of the building which reduces the chance of secondary damage as the structure moves. There are many causes for foundation failure.

The most common include poor drainage around the building, placing the structure on expandable soil such as clay or using poorly compacted soils. To ensure the foundation failure is properly repaired, the contractor will need to fix the cause as well. Eliminating sources of water around the building is important to avoid soil washing away. If the soil under the foundation is too soft, the contractor may need to consider the use of piers to support the building. To learn more, contact the experts at Ewing and Ray Foundation Services Inc.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2015

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