Red Flags To Watch For When Talking To Houston Moving Services

Posted by , on Jul, 2015

The most professional moving companies in the city focus on customer service, professionalism and care with every move they undertake. They understand they have been trusted with moving your valuable possessions, and they take that responsibility very seriously. These top Houston moving services strive to make every move as positive as possible, and their customers appreciate the service and support they provide.

However, for every great moving company out there it seems there are several Houston moving services with much lower professional standards. These are often the one-truck moving companies popping up over the busy summer moving months and then just as quickly disappearing.

To avoid using these types of moving companies and dealing with the problems resulting from these movers, watch for the following telltale signs or red flags of poor quality Houston moving services.

No In-Person Estimate

All of the top Houston moving services take care to complete an in-home survey to provide their clients with an accurate estimate for the move. They provide a binding estimate, or a not-to-exceed estimate, which gives their customers with a complete picture of the cost of the move.

When any companies indicate an accurate estimate can be done online or over the phone it is a sign of inexperience or unprofessional moving services. All they will quote is rate based on the information you provide, which is not considered binding as to the total price you will pay.

Large Payment Required Up-Front

When you work with reputable Houston moving services, you will receive a written estimate that will clearly indicate how payment is to occur. There will never be a large up-front requirement, and there will be different financing options available to you based on your arrangement with the moving company.

Any demands for large amounts of cash before or during loading the truck, or sudden changes in the estimated amount, are red flags of a less than professional company.

No Information on License and Insurance

You should never have to dig to find the company information on any Houston moving services regarding their license and insurance. All movers will have a DOT (Department of Transportation) number and should be listed on the Texas DOT website as licensed to do business in the state.

It is also worth a few hours to get online and review websites and customer feedback ratings about any Houston moving services you are considering. Look for third-party websites for the reviews and not just those found on the moving company’s website for an accurate picture.

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Posted by , on Jul, 2015

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