Recorded Video vs. Monitored Video: Why you might need both

Posted by , on Jul, 2017

One of the key differences between Sonitrol and other companies that provide video solutions is in what we call Monitored Video Solutions. In this post, we’ll look at the distinction between recorded video and monitored video, how they work, and how they each can help you.

Archived footage vs. Live footage

  • A typical video surveillance system records footage for you throughout the day and night. Sometimes, these are set to record only when movement or motion is detected on the screen. This helps save storage space on your hard drive.
  • Most video camera systems also allow you to view live footage. This allows you to see what’s happening in your facility in real time at any given moment.

These are the two basic types of footage you’ll get from most camera systems.

Recorded vs. Monitored

With the first type of footage, recorded footage, you’re looking at events that happened in the past. If you know that someone broke into your facility or damaged a skid of product, you can search through your past footage to find how it happened, when it happened, and who was involved.

The challenge with this is that it often takes a lot of time to find the footage you need.

An alternative is to pay someone – often a security guard or receptionist – to monitor the live feed. This can get extremely costly, though, and often doesn’t provide the results customers want. Security guards get sleepy – receptionists get distracted by other business.

With Sonitrol, we can provide the monitoring for you. Our Central Station operators monitor video for you around the clock so you and your team don’t have to. Watch this video below to see how monitored video can catch criminals in the act: [EMBED THIS VIDEO]

Investigate or prosecute criminals afterward vs. Catch criminals in real time

Recorded footage is good for investigating and potentially prosecuting criminals after the incident. Real-time, monitored video feeds, however, allow us to catch criminals in the act.

Sonitrol is the only company that tracks the number of apprehensions we’ve made because we’re the only company in the industry who focuses on apprehending criminals rather than just recording them.

Combined with a complete security system, monitored video allows us to verify whether or not alarms are real or not. If our Central Station sees a burglary in progress, we can notify the police with confidence that the dispatch if valid. The police respond faster and catch criminals.

Which you choose depends on your specific needs. In our industry, though, we’ve found more and more companies choosing active solutions to bolster their company’s security.

Whatever your needs, Sonitrol can help. Most other companies can only tell you about the recorded option, because that’s all they can provide.

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Posted by , on Jul, 2017

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