Reasons To Choose Plastic Fuel Tanks

Posted by , on May, 2017

Almost everyone could benefit from the use of plastic fuel tanks, whether at home or work. Companies require a lot of fuels to run machinery and back-up generators. Homeowners can also use petrol and diesel for generators and may want to store it safely in case there is a natural disaster or crisis.

The goal is to choose something durable that will withstand all environmental conditions, including rain, hail, the wind, and more. It is imperative that the fuels remain safe during any condition because you do not want them to break open or develop a leak. Lockable versions will make it easier to deter thieves and kids from playing with them or taking the fuel. Similarly, safety features should be included to ensure that you don’t waste or spill any fuels, as well. You can use plastic fuel tanks in a variety of settings, including on the farm, at home, on job sites, and much more. They can also be mounted on the back of a truck and taken to wherever they’re required.

If you want the most durable product made with diesel grade polyethylene, you want to choose Rapid Spray. Their products are designed to handle any Australian weather. They’re lightweight and sturdy solutions that can be used for many purposes. You’ll find a variety of safety features, including an auto shut-off feature, Earth strap to prevent static build-up, and inbuilt lockable pumps. Their specially formulated casings are made with polyethylene, ensuring that no contaminants can get inside and the fuel cannot be stolen. You’ll also find many attachments and accessories available separately to customise your plastic fuel tanks to your specifications.

If you want a reliable mobile storage solution for fuels, Rapid Spray has the sizes, shapes, and accessories you need to keep your fuels safe and ready to use.

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Posted by , on May, 2017

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