Reasons to Choose Banquet Halls in Council Bluffs, IA for Large Social Gatherings

Posted by , on Oct, 2015

People planning an important event such as a wedding reception or a 50th-anniversary gathering may wonder whether they should rent one of the Banquet Halls in Council Bluffs, IA or choose a different type of venue. There are definitive advantages with choosing a banquet hall, particularly if it’s connected with a catering service.

Catering is relatively easy in this type of location. If the facility has its own catering service, that’s even more convenient. It also tends to be more affordable, since the customers are combining two purchases instead of ordering from two different companies. The customers choose the food options from an extensive menu. They can decide whether they want a casual meal or something more elaborate. They let the catering service know what type of additional features they’d like for the meal. For instance, they might prefer fabric tablecloths and napkins over paper items. They might want glasses instead of plastic cups, and stainless steel flatware instead of plastic. Those choices are suitable for a more elegant setting.

The size of the guest list also is a factor when deciding to rent one of the banquet halls in Council Bluffs, IA. These facilities are suitable for large gatherings that will have a sit-down meal. The room can typically accommodate a band or a disc jockey and their necessary equipment. There’s usually at least a small area that can be cleared for a dance floor. Visit Brandeis Catering for examples of banquet hall facilities and the sizes of groups they can accommodate.

Another reason to choose a room of this size is to have the photo and video displays. These features can be set off to one side where all the guests can view the displays at their leisure. An engaged couple might like to have pictures detailing their journey from their early relationship to their steps toward matrimony. A couple that has been married for decades has even more memories to reminisce about with their guests. They might add some objects that illustrate special moments from their years of married life, such as postcards from their honeymoon and baby shoes of each of their children.



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Posted by , on Oct, 2015

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