Questions To Ask When Shopping For Spill Containment Trays

Posted by , on Jan, 2017

A containment tray is an incredibly useful item for any workplace dealing in or using hazardous materials. Spill trays come in just about any shape and size, and can be found in many different materials. Many worksites have them for use as additional spill protection when storing harsh chemicals. Others use spill trays when these chemicals are actually in use. Others still use this equipment for both purposes. The versatile nature of spill trays makes finding the right ones for your intended uses incredibly important. Otherwise, you will not come home with the right equipment for the job. These are questions to ask when shopping for spill containment trays.

Question #1: Which Chemicals Are Or Will Be On Site?

Figuring out which chemicals you are storing or you intend to store in the future is the most important part of this task. Different spill trays will be suited to different chemicals, depending on the materials. If for example, you plan on carrying or using corrosive chemicals, you will want a different type of spill tray than one used with flammable materials. Have an idea of the chemicals you will use, and be sure to speak with sales staff to get expert advice on the safest trays for your purposes.

Question #2: What Is An Appropriate Size?

The size of spill tray you need will depend entirely on its use. For example, if you are using a spill tray to offer additional protection when storing chemicals in a safety cabinet, you may want to consider getting a tray sized to fit the shelves. In other cases, you may need the tray to catch potential drips or spills when the chemical is in use. If you need a tray that can handle that type of volume, you will need to look for a tray that can handle the worst-case scenario spill, should the smaller container you are working with fall over. For more details, contact Ecospill today!

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Posted by , on Jan, 2017

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