Pyromet 718 and So Much More from Rockwell Industries International

Posted by , on Aug, 2014

Since 1984, Rockwell Industries International has offered raw material metals distribution and conversion for the aerospace, military, marine, commercial and industrial sectors. It would be our pleasure to make you one of our satisfied customers.

We are dedicated, above all, to giving our clients the safety and reliability that their projects demand. When you’re dealing with air craft or delicate machinery, the last thing you need is to worry about the basic materials of your tools. After decades of partnering with the most trusted mills and distributors in the world today, Rockwell can promise that we will sell you nothing less than the absolute best in metal materials.

Pyromet 718 is one of our Inconel alloy 718 products, and known for excellent strength and durability. All allloy 718 metals are precipitation hardening alloys that will age harden when treated with the correct heat procedures. With the ability to withstand temperatures and ductility up to 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit, it is prepared to meet the demands of air travel and other rigorous activity. It’s weldability and formability are excellent in comparison to other nickel alloys. Often, you’ll see alloy 718 metals used in cryogenic tanks, motor components, gas turbine engines and springs and fasteners. The pyromet 718 alloy itself provides a high yield, creep rupture and tensile properties that make it perfect for wheels, buckets, bolts, fishing tools, valves and so much more. Its resistance to corrosion is also a characterisitic that keeps Pyromet 718 in high demand.

Some of the countries we work with are the United States of America,Italy, Australia, Israel and South Korea. The products are available in tubes, forgings, plates, sheets, bars and special shapes. We’ll gladly spend time helping you find those standard, non-standard and hard to find raw material metals that you’ve been looking for.

We pride ourselves in providing unprecendented customer service and the sales and support staff of Rockwell Industries International is always prepared to address any of your questions or concerns.

Please take a few minutes to visit our website, and learn more about our products and services. From Pyromet 718 to secondary services like drilling, testing, trepanning and grinding, we’re the name you can trust for your raw metal needs. Call today!

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Posted by , on Aug, 2014

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