Plastics Production Using Sheldahl Bag Machine Parts

Posted by , on Aug, 2015

Have you ever given any thought to the all the different types and purposes of a plastic bag? Think about it, we love our bags, and use them constantly for all kinds of purposes.
Sure, many states have adopted plastic bag tax to discourage their use in grocery stores. But would you use a recyclable cloth or paper bag to pick up after your pet? It’s unlikely for many reasons.

Plastic Bags
Consumers rely on plastic bags. The manufacturers of bags rely on a series of machines that together generate all types of plastic and film covered bags. Wicketer equipment and converting bag machines start with a roll of plastic film, which moves through the machine, can be coated, punched and sealed to generate the final output. While workers such as grocers count on plastic bags for produce, the waste removal industry relies on tough plastic garbage bags.

The Importance of Bag Machine Parts
Wicketer and other converter bag equipment consist of hundreds of machined parts. The main equipment will require a timing belt, gears, pulleys, bushings and screws that keep the assembly moving forward. Then there are manufacturers such as Sheldahl that produce the film roll and heating element that also requires gears, bearings, spacers, and lock washers. Individually, these parts seem minor and inexpensive. However, worn out or broken components will not only stop production but can lead to more expensive repairs. The constant motion of raw material inputs relies on durable, well-made roll equipment. A company cannot increase its output without all parts working at optimum pace.

Manufacturers always stress the importance of routine maintenance and inspection of their bag equipment. Companies can count on suppliers that produce Sheldahl bag machine parts or OEM parts that can be used on other manufactured models.

Find a Quality Supplier
Another preventive strategy: identify a supplier of machine parts. Equipment warranties expire and working with a component parts manufacturer is a cost effective investment. Whether you need Sheldahl bag machine parts for film roles, heat elements or other top equipment manufacturers, many suppliers can reproduce or reverse engineer the right parts at the right time.

Although consumers may not place a high importance on the plastic bags they use for Fido, keeping your company’s equipment online may require taking the time to identify a partner. Machine parts suppliers produce spare parts for companies to keep on-hand. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

S.A.R.R. Industries use OEM specifications to manufacture top quality spare machine parts for leading equipment manufacturers including sheldahl bag machine parts. Whether working on a major machine model or a lesser-known piece of equipment, they manufacture top quality replacement parts at a substantial cost savings along with our guarantee. Find out more at visiting

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Posted by , on Aug, 2015

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