Pharmaceutical Companies and Their Search for Successful Candidates

Posted by , on Dec, 2015

Obviously, every pharmaceutical company is looking for someone who can hit their sales targets. Besides making sales, companies are also looking for sales reps that can build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with their clients.

In addition, it’s not enough to simply sell products anymore. Pharmaceutical companies know the value of their employees and are increasingly aware of how each of them can benefit the organization. That’s why you see companies like Allergan posting jobs that are not only pharmaceutical sales jobs, but manager and business development jobs as well.

Bayer Healthcare is another company that is committed to challenging the standard pharmaceutical sales model. Boasting “An exciting range of careers at the forefront of scientific innovation which allows employees to explore personal development opportunities, international presence, and most of all, inspiring work” makes Bayer a truly unique employer. The company is proud of its “Passion to innovate, power to change” motto.

According to Valeant Pharmaceuticals, the company will “Accomplish its commitment to diversity and inclusiveness by simultaneously nurturing the diversity of thinking, ideas, and outlook that already exists in Valeant’s workforce, and through consistent and aggressive efforts to attract, develop and retain talented people with a variety of perspectives from all backgrounds and cultures.” Valeant believes that working in an environment that enables them to apply their collective talents to their shared principles and commitments, delivers the greatest value to their customers, employees, and shareholders alike.

Inspired by patients. Driven by Science” is the motto of the world’s fifth-largest pharmaceutical company, UCB. UCB is committed to connecting science in new ways, connecting people, and connecting patients. In a knowledge and ideas-based industry like pharmaceuticals, human capital is the lifeblood of success, according to the company. UCB is founded on the enduring principles that they “Will always conduct business honestly, professionally, with integrity and in compliance with the law.”

At a company like Depomed, you will find a team of hardworking, dedicated people who are committed to developing products that can improve the lives of patients. Depomed’s work environment – creative and highly collaborative – is built on trust, integrity, and a shared common purpose, and the company’s size allows opportunities for employee growth and development. Depomed mentions the importance of individual employee contributions: “Our unique blend of talented employees and valuable products and technologies enable us to benefit the lives of the patients, families, physicians and other providers, payers and shareholders we serve. We value the unique perspectives and experiences each Depomed employee brings to the company. Our home office was designed and built specifically to enhance collaboration, inspire creativity, and facilitate communication.”

Ferring Pharmaceuticals is another company that’s working to change the perception of the pharmaceutical industry. The company is proud of its corporate environment and its unique philosophy: “Let’s build a better place to work. A place that looks and feels unique. A place that’s inviting and innovative. Where people work hard and work happy. Where innovative researchers eat lunch with creative marketers. Where friends dine alfresco in summer. A place that feels more Silicon Valley than Big Pharma. And why did this pharmaceutical company want a place like this? For one simple reason: a better environment leads to a better product. And that’s what this company is all about.” Currently, Ferring is offering all types of jobs including Scientist, District Manager, and Technical Support Specialist. As you can see, their focus isn’t solely on selling.

The bottom line is simple: companies are looking beyond the typical
pharmaceutical sales reps jobs where individual workers make sales and only make sales. Not only are they looking for forward-thinking, bright candidates that can help a company progress into the 21st century, they are creating positions within their companies that allow individuals to thrive and really buy into the changing landscape of the pharmaceutical industry.

Potential candidates would be wise to showcase their individuality and prove their wide range of worth to sales recruiters and companies alike. It’s not good enough to simply be a “closer” anymore.

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Posted by , on Dec, 2015

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