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There is no business in America that has an overwhelming desire to win lawsuits above all else. If an acceptable solution to the problem will avoid the necessity of going to court, that’s Plan A. Lawsuits are expensive, time-consuming and always contain the possibility of failure. Generally, the best legal victories are achieved outside the courtroom by Business Lawyers in Glen Burnie MD.

Businesses Need Lawyers, Not Lawsuits

For a small business owner, winning a legal battle can be almost as bad as losing in court. They don’t have the manpower or finances to wage a lengthy legal battle. Lawsuits consume time, energy, emotions and money that are better spent on growing the business.

The best way to avoid a lawsuit is to hire Business Lawyers in Glen Burnie MD. Spotting a potential problem and dealing with it before it grows is the mark of a smart, experienced leader. Spotting potential legal problems and finding solutions is the mark of an experienced lawyer. Businesses rely upon the advice of their accountants and insurance agents; having an attorney who is familiar with the goals and issues of the business can be even more important.

A Small Business Needs a Lawyer Because…

* The first decision is crucial; a lawyer can present the pros and cons of each possible legal entity for the new business (S Corp, Corporation, Partnership, LLC, etc.).

* A lawyer can draw up and/or review rental, lease or purchase agreements for the business’s location and real estate.

* A lawyer can be sure the business is in compliance with complex labor laws. Being legally proactive is the best course of action.

* A lawyer can draw up and review contracts, such as sales, purchase and employment agreements. For example, without an anti-assignment provision, a contract can be assigned to an undesirable third party.

* A lawyer can prevent or solve many contract problems, such as a premature termination of a contract without giving the other party time to resolve the dispute.

* A lawyer can be sure that independent contractor agreements will not expose the business to risk later.

* A lawyer can be a sounding board for exploring the legal options for a proposed course of action.

Law Office Of Gilda O. Karpouzian provides assertive, knowledgeable and affordable legal representation. Have a lawyer who knows your business and can keep you out of trouble or represent you in court when necessary. Call now for an initial consultation. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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Posted by , on Nov, 2015

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