Outdoor Exercise Has Never Been So Comfortable

Posted by , on Jun, 2016

Deciding to buy a recumbent bike is a much more ergonomic choice as opposed to buying a regular bicycle. Stress on the neck, back and wrists is removed and creates a better all over body workout, especially the gluteus maximus. Since they are lower to the ground the risk of a high impact fall is greatly reduced. They can get speed though, wind is reduced allowing the recumbent bike to go faster and using less energy. It’s not a forced activity since it’s so comfortable to be sitting. Covering more miles without even noticing it is the most fun way to exercise.

No Two Recumbent Bike Models Are the Same

There are over twelve recumbent bike brands and each has its own series of models. Every single one of them is different and offers different features. Finding one that is specific to your body frame and budget is easy. Most recumbent bikes are ready to go the distance but some or more specific for enhancing speed and others will even go on trails. Seats, wheels, and frames are going to be various sizes in each model. Brands such as Cartrike, Edge, Greenspeed, HP Velotechnik, ICE Trikes, Sun Seeker, Terratrike, Ti Trike, Trident, True, and TW-Bents are all going to have a wide choice of recumbent bikes to choose from. Some are more specific to the weight and height of the user. If the selection doesn’t have a recumbent bike that fits what you’re looking for, there’s even an option to design and customize your own.

Exploring Is for Everyone

Whether it’s for a younger child to a senior citizen, they are a fun mode of transportation for everyone. Test riding a bike is going to give you the best idea to understand what is comfortable for your body type. The best part about recumbent bikes is they are easy to fold up and carried to your next adventure.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2016

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