Organic Popcorn: Better For You, Better Tasting

Posted by , on Aug, 2015

Popcorn is one of the most popular snack foods in the world. In fact, it has been found that on average, an American will eat over 50 quarts of popcorn a year. Most of this is eaten at home, and the rest will be enjoyed at movie theaters and sports events. When people think of movie theater popcorn, they usually think of huge buckets full of popcorn dripping with butter and salt. Although this is undoubtedly delicious, it is also very bad for the health. Fortunately, there is still a way you can enjoy your popcorn while not having to worry about gaining weight or clogging your arteries. The solution is organic popcorn.

What is Organic Popcorn?

Organic popcorn has been produced without the aid of chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, artificial flavors, and other items that have the potential to be dangerous to the health. These things are used in the production of microwave popcorn and movie theater popcorn and the chemicals used in producing them have been blamed for lung diseases in the factory workers. When consumed in large quantities, this popcorn can be responsible for any number of health complaints caused by putting large doses of dangerous and unnatural substances in the body. Organic popcorn can be just as delicious, if not even more so, than regular popcorn. It is an excellent palate for any number of seasonings to create different flavors and varieties. Click here for the best quality, gluten free and non-GMO Popcorn from Organic Merchants.

Why Pop Organic Popcorn?

Without all the unhealthy additives and artificial flavorings, popcorn has actually been found to be very good for the health. It is an excellent source of whole grain, which is something that most people do not get enough of on a daily basis. The hulls are also, surprisingly, extremely nutritious, and scientists have found that they contain a larger amount of an important antioxidant called polyphenols then most other foods. These facts, combined with the truth that organic popcorn is a very low-calorie snack, makes it an exceptional choice for dieters or anyone seeking to live a healthier lifestyle by making the right food choices. Organic popcorn is very easy to find, and it can be found in any of your favorite flavors as well as some delicious and unusual new ones. It is as versatile and has as great a flavor as any other snack food, yet is even better for you and the environment.

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Posted by , on Aug, 2015

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