Options To Consider With Wood Fireplace Inserts

Posted by , on Jul, 2015

Turning an old, drafty and energy inefficient fireplace into a very efficient, sealed and safe fireplace for any room of a home is an easy upgrade. Choosing the right wood fireplace inserts to suit the style of the room and the amount you will use the system start with learning more about these practical and simple systems.

Think of wood fireplace inserts as a self-contained system that just slides into your existing brick, stone, or masonry fireplace. These are literally sealed units, with the front typically designed in a traditional, arched, or even 3-dimenesionaly glassed in section. This allows you to see the flames without any smoke in the room or the risk of cinders or ashes popping out of the firebox.

To choose the right wood fireplace inserts for your room, consider the following factors. You should take the time and look around at what different companies are offering before narrowing down your choices to one manufacturer.

Room Size

With good quality seasoned or aged firewood including oak, birch, hard maple, and fir you can easily heat an entire home with a good sized wood fireplace inserts. As there is a maximum amount of wood these will hold, having the right size of insert will be important for large heating requirements.

Unlike open fireplaces, the wood will burn much more evenly, giving a more efficient burn. In addition, with the fans within the unit the heat will be more evenly dispersed to the room, providing much quicker heating than a traditional fireplace.

Readily Available Wood

If you live in the country or have access to cutting your own wood, the size of the logs that the wood fireplace inserts will hold is not as much of a consideration. You can cut to the maximum size of the fireplace, which is typically 22 inches in length. Longer logs are ideal for longer burning time.

When buying in a city or from a wood company, you may find going with the larger wood fireplace inserts is a better option. You can burn shorter logs, typically 18 inches, but you can also choose the longer logs as well, providing you with the ability to shop around and get the best deals for wood. This will become more important as you plan to burn more.

Make sure to check the different designs possible with wood fireplace inserts. There are different finishes, different shapes, and even different features. A great option to consider is an air wash that flushes the interior of the glass to keep it clean and free from soot and ash as the fire burns.

Our wood fireplace inserts are ideal as a primary heating source or a lovely addition to any room.

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Posted by , on Jul, 2015

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