Oil Field Pipe Construction And Application

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Discovering an oil deposit beneath the earth’s crust, onshore or offshore, puts into motion certain efforts to extract the oil below. Extensive surveys took, filing of government paperwork; environmental impact reports are the due diligence taken whether domestic or abroad. In the past few years, the production of oil in the United States has risen to an all-time high. This production accounts for lower gas prices at the fuel pump which many Americans are experiencing today. Our company prides itself on the excellent service of supplying the best materials used for the power and petroleum industries. Oil field pipe can come in a variety of types. Listed below are some of the kinds of material used for oil extraction:

ASTM A53 ERW steel pipe

* API perforated slotted screen pipe
* API-5CT, oil and gas casing
* ERW pipe, APR line pipe
* API XL X46 Isaw weld pipe with PE/Epoxy coating
* OCTG H40 petroleum casing pipe
* API 5CT N 80 6 5/8” petroleum casing tube
* ERW steel pipe X52
* Sand control screen pipe
* ERW carbon steel pipe, API line pipe

This short list serves only as an example of some of the material we carry and distribute globally for the oil industry. Low production cost and durability make Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) pipe appreciable for field utilization. On the production line, ERW starts out as individual metal sheets, or as rolls known as skelp. Industrial grade machinery cold forms the metal into a cylindrical shape. An electrical current is used to heat the edges of the strip for the fusion weld. The temperature is raised to about 2,600 Fahrenheit for effective welding with the use of revolving copper disks serving as electrodes. Electric Resistance Welded pipe is used primarily as an API Line Pipe for the transmission of gas and oil. ERW has a reputation in the industry for having consistent performance in the field and made of high-quality standards.

The fossil fuel industry is but one of the many clients we service. Other customers include utility companies, dredging contractors, pipeline companies, steel fabricators, water well contractors, piling contractors, government agencies (Local, State and Federal). Our ERW product line of pipes have been purchased and used in applications for diesel, gas, oil field pipe, drinking water, sewage, and in water treatment plants. In addition, we supply prime API casings; tubing in welded, seamless, alloy, duplex, chrome and carbon grades from major mill sources. Whether you require material for a land base or offshore project, the broad inventory, Kelly Pipe’s carries will be more than adequate. they possesses the capabilities to support both large and immediate drilling programs. Consequently, they can ensure on time deliveries to your project areas.

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Posted by , on Feb, 2015

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