Motorcycle Test Mistakes that can lead to an Epic Fail

Posted by , on Jun, 2015

If you are trying to get your Motorcycle License Ontario riders can make some common mistakes that can lead to a failure during their road test. Here are some tips to help you avoid common mistakes so you can sail through your test with ease:

Poor Control Knowledge: You have to ensure you are completely comfortable with the operation of your motorcycle. Understanding how to use your motorcycle controls is a must to properly and safely turn, merge and make lane changes expertly during your test.

Failing to Check Traffic: In order to safely pass your test you have to demonstrate your knowledge of how to make some common moves on the road. Some of the common mistakes that can lead to a failure when going for your motorcycle license in Ontario can include failing to check your mirrors before making a move. Be certain you check the correct mirror looking in the side in the direction you wish to move. Make sure you signal when you are making a lane change or turn and always check over your shoulder as a final precaution.

Not keeping a Safe Distance: Your test administrator will not be impressed if you follow too close. In a car if another vehicle stops suddenly in front of you it can be a little nerve wracking, but on a motorcycle you can actually go over the bars or lose control if you have to stop too suddenly.

Not watching for Danger: It is very common for a motorcycle rider to underestimate how hard it is for other vehicles to see them on the road. Therefore it is important for you to be safe in your own lane and watch for dangers such as other cars that might cut you off. You want to avoid getting a surprise that will cause you to lose control of your motorcycle so look for potential issues such as cars trying to force their way into traffic, cars coming out of parking lots and cars trying to force their way into your lane. Staying focused on what’s ahead will also help you avoid hazards and danger.

Not being able to Drive Slow: A lot of riders find it hard to drive slowly. Practice driving slow to keep your balance.

These few common mistakes can be the cause of an epic fail when trying to get your motorcycle license in Ontario.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2015

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