Most Popular Data Science Jobs In New York

Posted by , on Aug, 2016

Obtaining training and certification in data science from a reputable institution, such as RSquare Edge, is the best way to start off your career in the industry. It’s an in-demand skill, one that many employers are finding lacking in today’s job market. Data Science can be applied to a number of different industries in a variety of different ways, making in a position that will only grow as time goes on. It’s a great way to ensure your career is successful for years to come. Here are just a few of the most popular data science jobs in New York, for those contemplating a career change or advancement. One thing to keep in mind is that the data science skills you learn at an institution such as RSquare Edge are easily transferred into any position you obtain.


Business Analyst

A business analyst is a data scientist who examines the profits, revenues, expenses and losses of a company for a variety of reasons. In most cases, they will be asked to speculate on the success of a particular marketing campaign or product, or to comment on the reasons why a company has experienced a huge loss or unpredicted profit. Business analysis can help make important company decisions concerning investments, products, database or warehouse improvement, and even to determine a target marketing audience. The role of the business analyst will depend entirely on the company and their own needs at that particular time.


Software Analyst

These individuals take data extrapolated through a number of different software techniques, and examine it through the use of databases. The end results of this analysis is usually in the form of a report complete with visual representations. Software analysts are employed across a number of different industries, and are usually required to prepare written material based on their findings for presentation.


Spatial Data Scientist

Spatial data scientists gather their information from a number of different sources, and require a number of different databases to store the wide variety of numbers acquired. Things like GPS coordinates, distances, and environmental factors all must be stored in an easily accessible way. This requires a more human touch than with other forms of data analysis, as things like weather conditions may have to be taken into consideration when analyzing the data at hand. For example, government agencies employ a large number of spatial data scientists to help inform their decisions about infrastructure and farming and agriculture.


Digital Analytic Consultant

Digital analytic consultants are typically employed by marketing firms. They examine company data obtained from sources such as Google Analytics in order to gauge the success of failure of a product, website, or marketing campaign. Digital analytic consultants need to have a firm grasp on data analysis, statistics, marketing, and business strategies in order to succeed in this position.

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Posted by , on Aug, 2016

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