Microlink Extensions for the Most Natural Look

Posted by , on Jun, 2016

Microlink extensions can give you the most natural look. This process is a process that can easily “hide” the fact that you are wearing extensions. A micro bead is used to attach thin strands of natural Remy hair to your natural hair, the bead is so small that it can barely be detected. This process does require specialty tools and skills.

Why Do They Look So Natural?

Of course all hair extensions are billed as being natural looking but in this case the process is so detailed that you get a very natural detailed look. The hair can be matched perfectly to your own hair which of course means it all blends perfectly.

Who Should Use This Process?

This is the perfect process for anyone that has at least 3 inches of their natural hair. It is ideal for anyone that wants a longer look while they are waiting for their hair to grow out.

The Benefits

There are very clear benefits to this process like:

  • The ability to process your natural hair with the extensions in place
  • Blow dry and style as you would your own hair
  • Wash, set, use a curling iron, whatever it takes to give you your favorite look

The Caveats

There are a few caveats to this process like you have to use a salon that is familiar with the process. YTF Hair Extensions is a good example of a dedicated salon that has the tools, materials and skills that you need. At YTF Hair Extensions a consult can be done to see if you are a candidate for these types of extensions, some cases like active hair loss cannot get these extensions without causing further damage.

A professional evaluation will be able to determine if this natural looking process is right for you. Book your appointment online!

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Posted by , on Jun, 2016

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