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Posted by , on Jun, 2015

As a business manager, owner, or entrepreneur you know how difficult it can be to squeeze everything that needs to be done into a workday. When you know this may happen coordinating an order with box lunch caterers to treat your staff to their favorite lunch is a great way to show that you appreciate their time and effort.

Take Them by Surprise

One very easy way to provide a terrific lunch from your staff’s favorite box lunch caterers is to keep track of what your employees order when they are ordering in lunch for themselves.

You will find that the favorite restaurants and go to lunch venues quickly rise to the surface. Usually there will be one person in charge of coordinating orders for the staff, even informally, and these individuals can let you know what people order and were they go for lunch.

Get a Selection

The great thing about box lunch caterers is that you can order a great selection of different lunches that will come with a sandwich, salad, sides and even a dessert, which is usually an amazing freshly baked cookie or sweet treat.

With a wide selection every member of the staff is sure to find something they enjoy. It is also very easy to add beverages and additional platters as well if you want fresh fruit or a vegetable tray to add that little extra.

Less Time and Delay

The wonderful thing about having lunch delivered by box lunch caterers is they can come quietly into the room and deliver the lunches, or even put them out on a table ready for when you take a break.

Attendees at the meeting can get up, choose from the different options you have ordered from the box lunch caterers and then return to the meeting without a long delay.

Employees and management alike will definitely enjoy the break from the meeting and you can continue on while everyone is able to enjoy a delicious lunch. Just be sure to coordinate the order and the deliver with the box lunch caterers well in advance of your meeting to ensure that everything arrives on time and just as ordered. At Chicken Salad Chick we pride ourselves in being top box lunch caterers for any size of meeting or conference. To learn more see us at Facebook or Twitter.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2015

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