Look Beyond the Summer: Dazzling Winter Wear Glasses Frames in NYC

Posted by , on Jun, 2015

The summer will inevitably close up for another year, and glass trends and styles for the winter bring on new dimensions in fashion and style. Here are some spectacular styles that work in the winter, and do not feel out of place when matched with a long draping coat or a thick scarf.

Bold Frames with Smooth Angles

It is fun to see how long the bold frame trend will continue on. People simply love glasses with very clear and definitive borders, and that seems to be changing in slight ways. The hipster aesthetic in New York City had a lot of really tight corners to the glasses, but that is going away. People like a little more flexibility in the Glasses Frames in NYC. Vera Wang has a certain frame that takes the bold black frame and stretches it out. It gives the glasses a little more character. The top corners are pulled out, and it gives the frames a smooth transition towards the middle of the frame.

Tall Frames

The classic bold and black is being flexed in more than one way. Stella McCartney has an exotic frame that actually uses almost perfect circle lenses. The frame itself is subtly stretched upwards. It is slick. It is elegant, and it is an excellent Glasses Frames in NYC option for winter. The frame is only bold and black in the front. The actual arms are traditionally designed, which is a very peculiar design choice. Of course, many of the most popular and dazzling frames began as peculiar and ended up is cliche acute;. Stella McCartney may have the pulse on 2017.

Wavy Arms

Have the arms of the frames always been so straight? Roberto Cavalli has expanded on this tradition by turning the arms in all sorts of wild directions. The portion above the ear remains as rigid as ever. These new lenses have actually turned into waves between the lens frame and the part above the air, and the result is spectacular.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2015

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