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Posted by , on Jun, 2015

When it comes to ending a marriage, there is a lot more to cope with than the end of a relationship. There are often many problems to resolve when there are minor children involved. Though some people believe they can handle a divorce without hiring an attorney, this is not always best. Protecting your rights and receiving guidance through divorce attorneys in Hartford, WI can make the entire process proceed much more smoothly.

The first step in any divorce is filing the petition. The petition paperwork is filed in court along with the stated ground. The ground is the reason the divorce is being sought. The ground may be fault or no-fault. No-fault grounds are filed as irreconcilable differences. Fault grounds are proven in court. These include abandonment, abuse, and adultery. The attorney will attach grounds proof to the divorce petition.

Once the petition has been filed, it will be sent to the other party in the marriage. They are given a specified amount of time to respond. Should they contest the divorce, a hearing will need to take place before a family law judge. Though uncontested divorces typically proceed more efficiently, there may be issues that need resolution through the court.

At a divorce hearing, the judge oversees both parties supplying information to the court. In the past, different trials were heard for allegations of abuse and child custody. Today, one single family law judge handles all of these issues, so there are less confusion and a more seamless experience.

Divorce attorneys in Hartford, WI present evidence in court and work towards a fair settlement agreement for their client. Any stipulations set forth in the court order are legally binding to both parties in the divorce. These orders stay open so families can come back to court should there be any issues that need to be resolved. Click here for more details.

If your marriage is ending and you need the help of divorce attorneys in Hartford, WI, contact the office of Hetzel and Nelson LLC in Hartford right away. They will be happy to meet with you so they can go over your options and get started on the process of filing your divorce petition in court.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2015

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